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Q&A with Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher Is a prime candidate to be a futureSenators captain. The forward took time to chat with Sun reporter Don Brennan
By DON BRENNAN -- Ottawa Sun - March 23, 2003

To know Mike Fisher is to like him, both as a player and a person.

The 22-year old "power forward" is in his fourth season with the Senators and it has been his best.

With 18 goals and 20 assists heading into last night's meeting with the Florida Panthers, Fisher is enjoying a career year.

And now, with the playoffs approaching, he is at the top of his game.

Some surprise.

The gritty, never-take-a-shift-off Fisher has been one of the team's most consistent performers the past two springs.

Clearly, there's something about this time of year that brings out the best in him.

Away from the rink, Fisher is of strong moral values and character. He is the boy you'd like your daughter to meet, the son you never had.

He's also the favourite of many a young female fan, a religious man, an avid hunter, the roommate of tough guy Chris Neil (both on the road and at home in Ottawa) and the prime candidate to become the Senators' future captain.

Today, we go In Your Face .... with Mike Fisher.

IYF -- Name three people from any time in history you'd like to invite over for dinner.

MF -- Tiger Woods, Faith Hill and George (W.) Bush. They'd be pretty interesting .... and good contacts to have.

IYF -- What would you be serving?

MF -- Steak and potatoes. I can barbecue with the best of them.

IYF -- What concert would you most like to see?

MF -- Creed, I guess. I like the Goo Goo Dolls, too. No wait. Garth Brooks. Definitely, Garth.

IYF -- You've been to the cockpit

on the team's charter. Was it to

help you deal with a fear of flying?

MF -- No, I'm not afraid to fly. If the flight gets bumpy, I get a little nauseous, but I'm not afraid. I just wanted to see what it was like up front. It was neat.

IYF -- Who was the biggest influence in your life?

MF -- My parents, Karen and Jim. They led by example. And they never pushed hockey on me. They let me make my own decisions. They've always been very supportive.

IYF -- What's your most extravagant toy?

MF -- I'd say my Four-wheeler or snowmobile. They're my kind of toys. Especially the Four-wheeler. I like to drive it around the property, plow the driveway, stuff like that.

IYF -- What's something you have too much of?

MF -- Clothes. I have about 12 pairs of jeans. It's not as many as Neiler, and it's not ridiculous, but I don't need that many.

IYF -- What was your worst summer job?

MF -- I've never had one. Other than working at a hockey school. So that was my worst and my best, I guess.

IYF -- What would you be doing if you weren't playing hockey?

MF -- I'd still be in school, if there's a school that would take me. (laughing). Probably studying business. I like business.

IYF -- What's your favourite way to spend an off-day?

MF -- Relaxing in front of the TV. Hanging out with my girlfriend. Golfing.

IYF -- As a hunter, how do you have the patience to wait in a tree stand for a deer? You seem to be too "active" for that.

MF -- I don't have the patience. I have to get down and walk around in the back. I can't stay up there more than a couple of hours.

IYF -- The last book you read

MF -- Lance Armstrong. It was very good.

IYF -- What's your favourite pre-game meal?

MF -- I have the same thing before every game. Pasta and either steak or salmon.

IYF -- Which player do you most like to be compared to?

MF -- I like the way Mike Peca plays. Same with Joe Thornton. But I'm obviously not going to be (the next) Thornton.

IYF -- Where do you see yourself at 65?

MF -- Behind the bench ... in the stands (laughing). I'll be retired somewhere, probably back home in Peterborough. Or maybe Florida. I haven't given it much thought.

IYF -- What's the worst trouble you got into as a kid?

MF -- I wasn't much of a trouble maker. Probably just fighting with my brother.

IYF -- What's the best practical joke pulled on you this season?

MF -- I always seem to get the *NSync stickers on my helmet just in time for practice. I think Neiler might have something to do with it.

IYF -- How often do you go to church?

MF -- When we're not on the road, I try to go every Sunday. Usually either the 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. mass.

IYF -- How many autographs do you sign a week?

MF -- I try to get to the kids before a game ... probably about 100 over the course of a week, but it varies if we have a signing session or not.

IYF -- What's the strangest request you've ever received from a fan?

MF -- Signing a hand or an arm. Or whatever.

IYF -- Favourite ice cream?

MF -- Vanilla. With chocolate sauce.

IYF -- Favourite movie?

MF -- Shawshank Redemption.

IYF -- Favourite TV show?

MF -- Seinfeld.

IYF -- Favourite team while growing up?

MF -- I can't say it.

IYF -- Come on.

MF -- The Leafs. That was back when they had (Doug) Gilmour.

IYF -- Way back then? Do you ever have trouble playing them now?

MF -- Uh, no, not really.

IYF -- How old, and where were you when you had your first kiss? And who was the girl?

MF -- That's personal. Anyway, you'd never believe it.

IYF -- Try me.

MF -- Okay, I know. I was a day old and in the hospital. It was from my mom.

IYF -- Relatives don't count.

MF -- Let's just say I didn't have my first girlfriend until I was 18.

IYF -- And where were you?

MF -- That's enough.

IYF -- Okay.

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